Performance Psychology Consultation

Mind Plus Muscle offers Sport Psychology consultation to meet the wide range of psychological needs of athletes from overcoming mental barriers to consistently performing at your best when it matters most.


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Intake Consultation

The initial Sport Psychology consultation looks for solutions to problems by examining what is working WELL rather than focusing on what is wrong thus empowering athletes to use their past and present successes to overcome obstacles in a positive and efficient way.

Intake Consultation

  • Brief Positively Focused Approach
  • On-line Solution Focused Assessment Click here
  • Sport Psychology Action Planning Session

COST $150
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Virtual Sport Psychologist

This Sport Psychology program assists serious athletes in creating an integrated physical and mental training regimen to produce consistently high levels of performance. Individual consultation and online monitoring provide athletes with the psychological skills that unlockstheir ultimate potential.

Intake Consultation
  • Implement the Sport Psychology Action Plan
  • Break through Mental Blocks
  • Includes Online Monitoring And Consultation
  • Conducted in Person, Phone or by Video Chat

COST $125

Supervision Consulting

Coaches and Sports Psycholgists can schedule consultation time for purposes of performance consulting and supervision. Supervision Consulting is available in 45 minute units and must be purchased prior to consultation.

Intake Consultation
  • Supervision Units Applicable to AASP Certifification
  • Conducted in Person, Phone or Video Chat

COST $95